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After reading Guidelines, click here: I understand these guidelines and would like to enroll.

Guidelines on Payment & Attendance policy: 

Payment of $60 / person is will be collected in full at the start of the first class, cash or check to BallroomDanceCommunity "BDC."  Some classes fill up quickly and others don't reach their minimum, so reservations via on-line enrollment are required in advance to help plan sessions and determine interest. There is no cost to pre-enroll on-line.  You must complete the on-line registration to reserve a place in the class. Your contact information will be kept confidential for the sole use of  Perimeter Ballroom Dance Community communications.

Missed classes / No Makeups:  Regular attendance is requested both for the progress of the individual student and for the work of the class as a whole.  However, it is expected that folks can’t attend every session, so the classes are designed with lots of review and there is the additional practice time format built into the schedule to keep the class on track. There are no make-up classes. Dance events (parties, workshops, etc) function separately and cannot be counted as a make-up for a series class.  Attendance at an alternate location or alternate series is not permitted. Payment for a series entitles the student to 7 classes for the specific series on the designated dates.  Please do not drop in to alternate sessions.    

Exceptions:  Refunds: 
We have expenses and request that you make every effort to honor your commitment to the group. Groups that have the minimum enrollment depend upon each participant to cover the cost of hosting the class.
Refunds will not be provided after the second week of class. This community group is self supporting and requires a minimum of students in order to support a class.  Classes will be rescheduled if minimum enrollment cannot be met during the first two sessions.  Joining a session late will not be prorated since extra effort is required to bring the student on board to the level of the rest of the class from
the missed sessions. Students are not encouraged to join after missing several classes unless we are trying to achieve gender balance in which case an exception can be considered for first-timers.  We are trying to build a community and your participation with your group is important, we regret that missed classes are not refundable.  Registration is not transferable.  If the student is not able to attend, he/she cannot send a replacement.  

No Class cancellations:
In the event that the teacher must unexpectedly miss a class, every attempt will be made to find a replacement.  If a suitable replacement cannot be contracted at the late notice, the
group will still convene as a practice session (you will get to practice dance!) and a reimbursement (for students who participate in the practice session) will be determined if a make-up cannot be scheduled.  In the event the church facility closes, class will be cancelled.  However,
if the facility closes during the daytime session, it may still re-open in the evening. Be sure to check back with the church.  Only if the church is closed at the time of the group session will the class be cancelled. 

Video taping, audio taping, cell phone recording or any other medium of capturing the instructors or class is prohibited. 

A Partnership as defined by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) standards will be adhered to in class.  As part of the social and educational benefits, partners agree to rotate in class.
Classes are not for spectators.  On occasion, students invite an out of town guest to observe a single session during their out of town stay and this is acceptable with permission of a host or instructor.

Participation is at your own risk.
As with any physical program, please consult your doctor before participating in dance.

I understand these guidelines and would like to enroll.