Our members are a diverse group of people who have an interest in learning how to ballroom dance (socially) and also want to be a part of a welcoming, fun, and caring community.  Membership is comprised of all races and nationalities, many different denominations and religions from all around the Atlanta Metro area. Included are currently enrolled students, former students, experienced dancers, and people who take lessons at other locations but like to be a part of our dance events and service projects.


Married couples find their involvement in this community to be a fun opportunity for a date night as well as be a part of a supportive community.  We regularly receive notes from our couples who are grateful for the way this community has enriched their relationship.


Singles find the dance community to be a fun, and encouraging place to meet other singles while being part of a larger community. Our singles have had a number of engagements as well as weddings. 


Enrollment and participation is open to everyone.




Warren Tuttle            Community Co-ordinator


 Nyla Blacknell

Pete Cutter

Kyle (Honey) Larsen

Buddy Stotts

Robert Tolentino

Jorge Morales

Don Edmiston

Carrie Thomas

Community Hosts:

DeEtta Dutchess and Charles Shafer

Mary Veal and Jeff Veal

Bob Focht and Barbara Willis

Becky and Dick Watson

Mary Mote

Andrea and Frank O'Brien

Patricia Tuttle            Community Host


Warren and Pat's Competition Journal
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