Ballroom Dance Group Classes

Overview of Ballroom Dance Classes

Ballroom Dance Community Lessons are offered as group classes.  Classes are organized in a set of 7 classes that meet once per week called a series.  Each series is organized to progress the students level of dance.   Once the student completes a series, he can then advance to the next level.  Each level builds on the previous level.   Enrollment is for the entire series (drop-ins are not permitted).  Once a series is in progress, new students are no longer accepted into that series.   Students are encouraged to start at the beginning with Ballroom 1.

In order to manage class size and partnerships in a class, we request that you enroll on-line for the location that you are interested in attending.  There is no charge to enroll on-line.  It is simply our free reservation system.  If you have trouble enrolling on-line, please send an email on the contact us page .  If you need to make changes to your enrollment (ie cancel), please send an email to update your enrollment.

Series are offered about 5 times throughout the year.

Join the email list on the contact us page to be notified of dates when the next series will commence.


We hope you will join us for our Ballroom Dance Lessons.  This is your chance to improve your Ballroom Dancing, have fun, and meet new dancers. 

Note to Newcomers: To see if ballroom dancing is for you, we hope you will try our 7 week Ballroom 1 class.  Even if you don't continue after the seven weeks, you will be amazed at how much material you learn during those seven weeks.  We have folks that completed the seven weeks, and used the routines they learned for several years.   After a few year hiatus, they then decided they wanted to learn more, and came back.  We hope it doesn't take you years to get hooked on the joy of dance, but know that you will have skills after completing just the seven week Ballroom 1 class to get you on the dance floor.  If seven weeks is too much of a commitment, then attend one of our practice parties where we also provide a newcomer lesson.   

Level Descriptions

Ballroom 1

Our beginner group series class is designed for first time dancers.  Worry free- you will be taught everything you need to know to join us on the dance floor.  

The beginner class curriculum includes: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, and swing. 
The dance instruction is formatted to progress the students level of dance. Lessons are taught by a nationally certified instructor. It is best if you have a partner but not necessary as we rotate partners throughout the class (singles and couples are welcome).

Series will last one hour including 10 minutes of dance community news, curriculum and calendar updates. The lesson will include a 20 minute practice session with music and coaching.  All students will be encouraged to participate in dance community events such as Dinner and Dancing, holiday formals, various practice parties and workshops. We also participate as volunteers for YMCA Happy Club dances and events.

Ballroom 2, 3 and 4

A continuation of the curriculum from the previous level with the addition of Tango. Must have completed the preceding level before progressing to the next level or have had other similar training with approval of instructor.

Bronze Curriculum

After completion of Ballroom 1, 2, 3 and 4, the Bronze curriculum then splits into two tracks and each track has two levels:

  • Track1:   "Bronze 1" and  "Bronze 2" 

  • Track2:   Tango and Cha Cha Levels "1" and "2"

Bronze 1 and 2

Intermediate level social dancing builds on techniques and patterns learned in the Beginner Series. Curriculum includes: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, and swing.

Bronze 1 - (must have completed Ballroom 4)

Bronze 2 -  (must have completed Bronze 1)

Tango and Cha Cha Level 1 and 2

Intermediate level social dancing, learn the basic patterns and techniques of these 2 dances.

Tango and Cha Cha Level 1 - (must have completed Ballroom 4)

Tango and Cha Cha Level 2 - (must have completed Tango and Cha Cha Level 1)

Advanced Bronze/ Pre Silver:

Rhythm - Style and Technique Bronze 3 
Prerequisite: Bronze 2
          No Partner required
Class focuses on rhythm technique and styling - cuban motion, advanced turns and proper footwork
           using bronze routines and introducing some basic silver figures.

Smooth - Style and Technique  Bronze 3

Prerequisite: Bronze 2

No Partner required

7 Class Series

Class focuses on partnership skills and dance styling and
technique necessary to begin advanced levels of ballroom dance (silver). We
will learn 5 points of contact, advanced movement - power, swing and sway,
 and emphasis on poise and posture -
all vital for advanced dancers. We will incorporate the bronze routines as well
as introduce some basic silver figures.

Bronze 4 Smooth Routines

Prerequisite: Bronze 3 Smooth Style & Technique

Complete bronze routines for three smooth dances - Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango. Great opportunity to put your smooth social dance routines and improved stylings on the floor and improve through repitition.Must have completed Bronze 3 Smooth Style Technique, Bronze 2, and Tango/Cha cha 2.  This class is a prerequisite for Silver Smooth dances.

Bronze 4 Rhythm Routines

Complete Bronze routines for three rhythm dances - Rumba,Swing, and Cha cha. Great opportunity to put your rhythm social dance routines and improved stylings on the floor and improve through repetition. 

Must have completed Bronze 3 Rhythm Style and Technique, Bronze 2, and Tango/Cha cha 2.  The Bronze 4 Rhythm Routines class is a prerequisite for Silver Rhythm dances.


Specialty Classes

Latin Social Dance 1

No Prerequisite

7 Classes - 60 minutes each including Community time
and practice with music.

Beginner Salsa (LA style like swing) and Merengue

Latin Social Dance 2

Prerequisite: Latin Social Dance 1

7 Classes - 60 minutes each including Community time
and practice with music.

A continuation of the curriculum from Latin Social Dance 1.
Beginner salsa (LA style like swing) and merengue

Nyla Blacknell - instructor


Viennese Waltz

West Coast Swing

Lindy Hop

Quick Step



Silver Curriculum -

 Once the student has completed Ballroom 1,2,3,4,  then Bronze 1,2 3 (Style and Technique: Smooth and Rhythm), Tango ChaCha 1,2, both Bronze 4 (Smooth and Rhythm) classes and has demonstrated proficiency at the Bronze Level, we offer Silver level classes.  Depending on which Silver class that you wish to enroll, the prerequites vary since there are two tracks at the Bronze Level. Here is an example, if you followed this track:

Ballroom 1,2,3; Bronze 1-2 and Style and Technique for Smooth, Bronze 4 and demonstrate proficieny at the Bronze level, you are then eligible to take Silver classes for Foxtrot and Waltz.

To qualify for Silver Tango, you would need to complete: Ballroom 1,2,3  ; Tango and Cha Cha 1 & 2  and Style and Technique for Smooth, Bronze 4 and demonstrate proficiency at the Bronze Level.

In order to "demonstrate proficiency at the Bronze Level," you may need to repeat one or several of the prerequisite classes.  Because Ballroom dancing is one of the most effective fitness activities, not only does it have mental component to learning, there is the physical acuity required to dance at higher levels.  Students typically need to repeat levels in order to develop muscles and balance.   Students are encouraged to enhance their dance skills by attending Practice Parties, Practice Times, Specialty classes, and personal practice. Additionally we offer a deep discount (50% off)  in the Ballroom 1-3 curriculum to encourage students to repeat those classes for a solid grasp of the fundamentals.   As you advance in your Ballroom dance skills, repeating a lower level will have new meaning.   Your muscles are working hard and each review of a class will reveal a new level of understanding and capability.  You will be amazed at the new insights you gain when you repeat a class, it won't feel like repeating since each pass of the class your dancing will be at a higher level and the new perspective of this higher level will reveal to you new opportunities for improvement.  You can treat it like attending an exercise class.  Each time you take an exercise class you are able to achieve higher levels of performance. 


All levels are not available at all locations.  Not all series have classes on 7 consecutive weeks, check the class details on the location's webpage or the  calendar to see actual dates of classes.